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As you know sales reps have a penchant for saying yes and making offers while they are standing in front of you and short on delivering once they leave the building. That being said, Phil has been nothing short of phenomenal! He has done everything from solving our needs for containers and locations to always answering my calls and personally picking up some scrap.

I would also like to pass a good word along about Chris our truck driver. Here is a guy that calls me when he is about 5 minutes out so that I have time to get the gate open before he gets here. He always explains which dumpsters he is taking and in what order so that I can make any last minute arrangements. And man can he drive. That guy could park a 10 foot wide dumpster in a 10 foot 4 inch space and have 2 inches on both sides left. Both of these guys have great personalities and are assets to your business. I appreciate everything they have done for us and look forward to dealing with them and you for many more years to come.

-Phil Dill, Warehouse Supervisor
AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc - http://www.aquacal.com

"Working with Matt and Phil was very professional and they picked up the material and promptly paid. It was a pleasure dealing with them. They will be my first call when I have surplus material in the future!"

-David Hughes, President and General Manager
Applied Process Technology International, LLC

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